A self-developed ‘standard inductance box’ has obtained national patent of America


In May 21st , 2019, a self-developed ‘standard inductance box’ has obtained national patent of America (US 10,297,378 B2). This product has been completed after a long term of research, assessment, technology updating and patent it in Dec 10th, 2013. This patent is the second American patent of Chengdu Kaipu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd after obtaining the fist American patent (US 9,208,944,B2) in Aug 8th , 2015.

A standard inductance box, relating to the fields of measurement of calibration, and relating in particular to a standard gauge for transferring an inductance parameter. This standard inductance box uses unary, binary and quinary, and comprises a physical inductance box section and a simulated inductance box section. The inductance range of the standard inductance box is 1μH-500H. The described means achieve an inductance range of 1μH-500H, expanding the inductance range in the prior art, and the application of unary, binary and quinary standards reduces the size and weight of the physical inductance box section, facilitating transportation and use in the field.