CH-11 high-accuracy standard capacitors

  1. CH-11 high-accuracy standard capacitor is a high-stability, low-loss capacitor which is made of the well-selected, high-quality quartz and nanometer ceramics materials through special processing. The capacitor is installed in a thermostatic chamber with excellent thermo insulation, and the temperature is accurately controlled through microelectronics automatic control technology to keep the capacitor at a very stable temperature. Therefore, the capacitor has achieved extremely high accuracy, high stability, and resistant to environment change.
  2. CH-11 high-accuracy standard capacitor can be used for verification and calibration of various high-accuracy LRC measuring instruments and digital capacitance bridges. It is an ideal standard capacitance measuring instrument for metrology institutes, research institutes, factories, universities, and etc.

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Calibration conditions


Ambient temperature: (23±2)℃

Relative humidity: (50±10)%


Operation conditions


Ambient temperature: 18℃ to 28℃




1. Capacitance range:     10pF, 100pF, 1nF, 10nF, 100nF, 1μF,10μF,100μF


2. Accuracy:  

    10pF, 100pF, 1nF:     ±5ppm

                       10nF:     ±10ppm

                     100nF:     ±15ppm

                         1μF:     ±25ppm

           10μF, 100μF:     ±100ppm


3. Loss tangent(D):     ≤1×10-4


4. Temperature coefficient:

    ≤ 0.2ppm/℃   from  10pF~100nF

    ≤ 5ppm/℃   from  1μF~100μF


5. Stability:

    <5ppm per year from 10pF-100nF

    <20ppm per year from 1μF-100μF


6. Output mode:     Three-terminal or Four-terminal  BNC output


7. Calibration frequency/operating frequency (f):

    10pF~1μF:     1000Hz

    10μF,100μF:     100Hz


8. Maximum voltage (U):

    10pF~100nF:     ≤100V

    1μF~100μF:     ≤50V


9. Dimension:     310mm×260mm×140mm

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