CH-17T precision standard capacitance box

  1. CH-17T precision standard capacitance box has 1, 2, and 5 alternating step sizes in capacitance change. This capacitance box operates easily and rapidly, and is convenient to carry, with small volume, high performance and light weight.
  2. CH-17Tprecision capacitance box adopts three-terminal output mode or four-terminal-pair output mode, and realizes wide capacitance range of 1pF~1μF through 2 code switches. The decade readings of any gear within such range have the equivalent high capacitance accuracy and stability (±0.03%). The capacitance box has perfect shielding, with tiny zero capacitance (<0.00005pF), and is superior to the similar products both at home and abroad. The indicated value of the switch is free from the influence of zero capacitance, and the required capacitance can be directly obtained from the indicated value of the switch in the use. It’s not needed to deduct the zero capacitance from each indicated value, and is quite convenient to use.

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Calibration conditions


Ambient temperature: (23±2)℃

Relative humidity: (50±10)%


Operation conditions


Ambient temperature: 10℃ to 40℃




1. Capacitance range (1pF-1μF):




2. Digits of reading dial:     Two-dial


3. Zero capacitance:     <0.00005pF


4. Accuracy:     ±(0.03%+0.00005pF)


5. Temperature corfficient:     ≤20ppm/℃  from 1pF~1μF


6. Stability:     ≤100ppm per year from 1pF~1μF


7. Loss tangent (D):     ≤5×10-4


8. Output mode:     Three-terminal/Four-terminal-pair BNC output


9. Calibration frequency / operating frequency (f):     1,000Hz


10. Maximum voltage (U):     ≤100V


11. Dimension:     310mm×260mm×140mm

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