CH-22 high-frequency standard capacitor

CH-22 high-frequency standard capacitor adopts four-terminal output structure(BNC connectors), has a small volume, stable performance and good frequency response characteristics, and is easy to use. The nominal capacitance of the standard capacitor is: 1pF, 10pF, 100pF and 1,000pF. The capacitor is enclosed in metal shielded packaging to prevent from interference of electromagnetic field and environmental humidity, and is suitable for measurement technology institutes to do calibration/verification of four-terminal RLC digital electric bridge .

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Calibration conditions


Ambient temperature: (23±2)℃

Relative humidity: (50±10)%


Operation conditions


Ambient temperature: 10℃ to 40℃




1. Capacitance range:     1pF、 10pF、 100pF、 1,000pF


2. Accuracy:     ±0.1% 


3. Operating frequency:     100Hz~1MHz


4. Temperature coefficient:     ≤20ppm/℃   from  1pF~1000pF


5. Stability:     <300ppm per year from 1pF~1000pF


6. Output mode:     Four-terminal output


7. Maximum voltage (U):     ≤100V


8. Dimension:     138mm×86mm×96mm

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