ZK-2712 standard inductor

ZK-2712 standard inductor(Toroidal core) is a precision, high-stability, self-inductance standard element, and can be used as low frequency standard inductor in laboratories to verify and calibrate the inductance function of digital inductance bridge and RLC digital AC bridge, or used as self-inductance standard element in other measuring circuits.

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Calibration conditions


Ambient temperature: (23±2)℃

Relative humidity: (50±10)%


Operation conditions


Ambient temperature: 10℃ to 40℃




1. Inductance range:     100μH, 1mH, 10mH, 100mH, 1H, 10H


2. Accuracy:

    100μH,10H:     ±0.05%

        1mH~1H:     ±0.02%


3. Output mode:     Three-terminal or four-terminal output


4. Calibration frequency/operating frequency (f):

    100μH~1H:     1,000Hz 

      10H:     100Hz


5. Maximum operating voltage (U):     ≤50V

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