ZK-2718A precision standard inductance box

  1. ZK-2718A precision inductance box has 1, 2, and 5 alternating step sizes in inductance change and is currently an ideal standard inductance measuring instrument with a wide inductance range, high performance, good stability, small volume and light weight. It is suitable for measurement laboratories, research institutions, production, and particularly suitable for field calibration/verification of RLC measuring instruments and special inductance measuring instruments in factories, and has the following main features:
  2. 1.This inductance box is first time to combines network simulated inductor with toroidal-core inductor. It has high accuracy, small volume, light weight;
  3. 2.It has excellent electromagnetic shielding, vibration prevention and moisture proofing technique to provide extreme stabile performance;
  4. 3.The inductance range, calibration frequency and other special requirements can be customized according to user's requirements;

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Calibration conditions


Ambient temperature: (23±2)℃

Relative humidity: (50±10)%


Operation conditions


Ambient temperature: 10℃ to 40℃




1. Inductance range (1μH-500H):

    1μH, 2μH, 5μH, 10μH, 20μH, 50μH, 100μH, 200μH, 500μH, 1000μH;

    1mH, 2mH, 5mH, 10mH, 20mH, 50mH, 100mH, 200mH, 500mH, 1000mH;

    1H, 2H, 5H, 10H, 20H, 50H, 100H, 200H, 500H.

2. Zero-switchinductance:     < 0.8μH


3. Accuracy:

    1μH~1000mH:     ± (0.02%+0.05μH)

  1H~500H:     ±0.05%


4. Output mode:     Three-terminal binding post output or Four-terminal BNC output


5. Calibration frequency/operating frequency (f):

     1μH~1000mH:     1,000Hz

            1H~500H:     100Hz


6. Maximum operating voltage (U):     ≤50V

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